Sea Lustre Living Showroom

The Sea Lustre Studio + Showroom

Hello to all my Pearl Loving Customers + Retailers!

I wanted to give everyone a bit of an update on our new Sea Lustre showroom + studio. Time has literally flown by and I have 100% neglected our blog, and for that I apologize. But... for those of you who follow us on Instagram + Facebook, you know all the e x c I t i n g deets on what is behind our white curtains at the shop!


Just kidding those are not our front doors..but aren't they drop dead gorgeous!?

After finishing up our renovations in June we spent the remaining time of our summer designing our Fall & Spring jewelry collection in Bali, Indonesia.

This is where Eric (aka hubby) and I decided we should expand our dream and bring back all the exquisite craftsmanship that Indonesia has to offer. Each time we traveled to Indonesia we found ourselves saying the same thing..lets bring it home!! So this trip we did.

We have decided to expand Sea Lustre Jewelry into a new division,  Sea Lustre Living.

We wanted desperately to bring back our inspiration and the culture of this beautiful island that we love so much to our home town of Jupiter. 

And....(drum roll please!!!)  Our first container has finally arrived, surviving two category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean. Our wood filled shipment made it!  

 We are thrilled to announce our First Open House Sale! November 8th- November 12th feel free to swing by the showroom and browse our finds! Every single piece was hand chosen by us + we are over the moon.

Visit Sea Lustre Living 's Website & our Instagram for a sneek peek of what's coming to our first Open House Sale.





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