Guys! I'm on a Podcast

Guys! I'm on a Podcast

Happy Monday to our SL Tribe!

I hope the summer has been treating you all amazingly. Hard to believe we are coming into fall but also equally excited because we have so much to look forward too.

I thought it would be " blog worthy" to share a little fun we did last week with Nikki from The Well Co. For those of you who don't know Nikki personally or have yet to hear of The Well Co. She guides and empowers female entrepreneurs and teaches us how to build up their brands by learning and diving into a little more about their creators.  

She came by the shop and we sat down and recorded her second episode of her new podcast "Branded"! We giggled, chatted about how Sea Lustre started, my creative process and what it means to me now (psst. everything!). I linked it below so I hope you all enjoy!


xx- Brooke

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